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About us

Who we are

We are a business solution. Built by a team of Canadian software developers, designed with quality and usability in mind.

What we do

We offer a cloud based business management solution. Built to create efficiencies in safety, communication, and operation. We do this through file, certification, safety, and equipment management.

What we believe in

It all started with building something we wanted in our own business. We have a passion for a well executed solution, and we believe we deliver on that every day.

What Is StreamTECH

StreamTECH is a cloud based connectivity platform built to create efficiencies in safety, communication, maintenance, and compliance. It is built to leverage the technology that employees already have. We use a combination of a web app and mobile apps to create a communication platform between the office and the frontline staff.

The web app acts as a hub where a company can push out information as well as receive information from the field. The mobile phone app acts as the frontline staffs connection to the platform. It allows them to fill out paperwork, complete inspections, view company information, as well as a variety of other things.

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Time sheets

Employees can clock in and out of work as well as edit their time sheets. You will be able to track time and jobs easier than ever.


Fill out your company forms digitally rather than on paper. They will be automatically handed in to the office upon completion. Choose from our pre-made forms or have yours uploaded into our system.

Safety View

Use a map view to see how the day is progressing. Use the view to track what is going on and where. Employees can also send in alerts or distress signals allowing you to see who is closest and how to get to them.


A tool to allow you to push information to your staff. This can be accompanied with an attachment for them to view. You can also require your staff to sign off that they have viewed and understood your announcement. This is good for announcing a safety meeting, getting your staff to sign off on a new policy, or simply a way of sharing information


Storage for all of your companies files. Easily filtered so that employees are only shown the files that they require. With an easy built in search employees will always have access to the files that they need.


Now you can store your safety tickets and certifications on your mobile device. Both the office and the employee are notified when the certification is coming due. Never be without your safety tickets again.

Hse Moments

These fall into a few different categories: Hazard ID, Near Miss Investigation, Incident Investigation, & Observations. This allows you to properly track and see the safety performance of your company.


Receive scheduled updates about a variety of things in your company. These pre-designed reports will help you to see what is going on without you having to go looking.

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Store your company equipment digitally. This will allow you to have their registration stored digitally, any certification and inspections will be stored alongside it. Keep up to date with what is going on.

Maintenance Logs

Schedule and track the maintenance done to your equipment. You can look back and see when and where maintenance was performed. You will also be notified when maintenance is due. You won’t have to track down when the last oil change was done anymore.


Create your own custom inspections for your equipment. These can be scheduled and assigned to different users. Inspections are automatically filed, you will only be notified when an asset fails its inspection or it isn’t completed on its schedule.


bundle multiple forms together to create a “job”, these allow you to group multiple forms that need to be filled out in a day so that they are easier to deal with. This is important for making sure that you have completed all the paperwork for a job as well as allowing the office to easily work with the forms that are completed.

Task Tracking

Tasks are created when there are jobs to do. They can then be tracked through to completion and closed out when they have been reviewed. This is great for companies who struggle to know if tasks have been completed.

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Book users to work, schedule them to work with specific equipment so that you know who and what goes where. Avoid double booking employees and equipment. Employees can also request time off and their supervisor can see how that will affect their work force on the days they need off.

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Features & Pricing

StreamTECH is built to be a customizable solution for your operation. We offer a few different versions depending what types of features you require. We also offer different add-ons to give you an even greater variety and control over features that you want.


$2 a month per user
  • Announcements

  • Documents

  • Certifications


$8 a month per user
  • Announcements

  • Documents

  • Certifications

  • Reports

  • Equipment List

  • Maintenance Logs

  • Inspections

  • Task Tracking

All fees are pro-rated and corrected on the next monthly bill

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